I read last week that My Big Fat Greek Wedding sequel is in the works. I just hope the sequel doesn’t ruin the original movie. This got me to thinking of other movies that I can watch a zillion times and not get sick of. It’s not often I can watch a movie more than once, with exception of my list. Most of these are really cheesy, so be warned! If you were to cut me open, cheese will likely ooze out. 

  • 13 Going on 30I don’t know what it is about this movie, but I can watch it a million times and get a little teary when grown-up Jenna is in her backyard with the dollhouse listening to Matty get married next door. See also: THRILLER DANCE!
  • Beverly Hills Cop 1-3: Andy gets mad when I change the channel to watch Beverly Hills Cop 1-3. I’ve ruined the franchise for him, but not for me! Next time someone criticizes me for watching any of these movies, I’m putting bananas in the exhaust pipe of their car.
  • Coming to America: “When you think of garbage, think of Akeem”. I guess I just really love 80s’ Eddie Murphy movies. 
  •  Home Alone: It’s just not Christmas unless Daniel Stern steps on a nail and shrieks like a girl!
  • Camp Nowhere: If you watch this movie with me, be prepared to rewind the car wash scene many times. I just can’t get enough “complimentary hot wax”.
  • The Punisher: I’m not only listing this one for street cred, but also for hot Thomas Jane. 
  • Young Adult: Charlize Theron is great at playing a teenager in an adult body living in the real world. It’s sort of a sad movie, so grab  your 8 year whisky and enjoy anyway.
  • Wedding Singer: Who can resist Adam Sandler having a melt down? Go grab and drink and sit down with the mutants at table 9.
  • Teen Witch: Oh, Louise! If I make you watch this with me, we will be rewinding the rap scene. Because nothing can top that.

Honorable mentions: Mean Girls, Dumb & Dumber, Hysterical Blindness, A Lifeless Ordinary, and Zoolander.


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