Fotor0602202640Since it takes me FOREVER to apply fake lashes, I decided to try Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes for Vegas. I ordered mine on Amazon since I don’t know a Younique representative. Who knows, I may decide to become one! They seem to have a great line of foundations and eye shadows that I want try sometime. Anyway, you get one tube of transplanting gel and one with fiber lashes. The fiber lashes are water-resistant but wash off pretty easily. I tried this first hand with nights of dancing into the early morning in the desert heat! 

They apply pretty easily. Following the directions, I applied a coat of my regular mascara. In this case, I used Avon Aerovolume mascara in black. I actually really like this mascara, so if you want to get some I’m a rep and doing a giveaway for one [end shameless plug]. Once your mascara has dried, unscrew both tubes and keep them in your hand. Starting by only applying one eye at a time, add the gel to the lashes. While the gel is still wet, apply the fiber lashes. Then you re-apply the gel to seal it in. You can add another coat of fiber lashes if the gel is still wet, just be sure to seal with the gel to complete the look. I’ve used this several times so far and love the results! They really add a lot of length, I could use more volume, but that is my personal preference. I took some pics, but I’m sucky at taking eye makeup pictures. I should have used my camera instead of my phone, but I was lazy. Sorry!




DISCLAIMER: Products were purchased on my own, all opinions are my own. 



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  1. Oh your eyelashes look nice! How long does it last for? Just like normal mascara? X

    • It’s just like normal mascara. I didn’t use it on my lower lashes, so I don’t know if ‘raccoon eyes’ would eventually happen. But it has a lot of staying power on the top lashes. They also wash of pretty easily. Just be careful not to use too much of the fiber lashes, they can fall off

  2. I know a Younique rep! Raccoon eyes never happen, is what I heard. 🙂

  3. You should absolutely become a presenter its the best thing I have ever done. Plus the mascara and the other products are kick butt!! It looks fab on you!!


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