With the exception of some set-backs (ie. Vegas, impulse purchases, too much take-out),  I’ve been trying to do things on the cheap these days. I knew going into it Vegas would be very difficult to save money. I attempted to budget, but had to throw that idea out the window. I mean, I didn’t go nuts or anything. But, food and transit around Vegas is what really kills it. I didn’t really buy any souvenirs aside from a pool hat and a sequin fedora though. Also, we saved a bunch by getting Groupon deals on the shows we went to.  

With that in mind, I’ve been trying to find ways to cut back. For instance, I no longer have a gym membership. Instead I rely on at-home workouts. We practically have a gym in our basement anyway. Now that its warmer out, I go jogging too. Plus Andy is getting a treadmill from someone at work. I’ve also cut back to just one subscription beauty box per month. This allows me the freedom to try out other boxes without doing a monthly-subscription.

Borrowing things is also easier than buying something I’m only going to use occasionally. I have the tendancy to buy things instead of just asking to borrow them. It’s really silly. Another thing I do is get eBooks and audiobooks from the library instead of buying them. This can be a pain once in a while, especially if you’re reading a series and there is a wait for the book you want. But I’ve found ways around this. You can find audiobooks on YouTube. Of course, this means the Veronica Mars eBook I downloaded for Vegas will take me longer to finish. But, thanks to this, I can listen to the 3rd audiobook in a sci-fi series I’m on. High five team cheap! Let’s hope I can keep up this trend and cut back on impulse purchases. I need to save money for excursions in Punta Cana, and doing fun things this summer. 


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