I’m sad it’s Sunday already! Why do weekends fly by so fast?! I wasn’t feeling well Friday, still fighting off this damn cold combined with stupid allergies. I’m feeling a bit better, but still taking cold meds when I need them. Anyway, another one of my nephews graduated high school. I feel so damn old. It was a nice ceremony, but I’m glad his school is a lot smaller than the one I went to! I did take some nice pics for my sister to use.

After the graduation, Andy had bought us tickets to the movies a few days ago. We ended up seeing Edge of Tomorrow at the Lux. I love going to the movies at the Lux because I can enjoy a beer and a full meal. The movie was pretty good. I want to see Maleficent and The Fault in Our Stars, but totally not ready to cry for TFiOS. I may just wait to rent that one.

Fri0003 Fri0002We went to a friends BBQ as well and had a lot of fun. I was glad my new order of maxi dresses came in, I wore a colorful printed one to the party. The town also had fireworks for Founders Day, which means I took 10000 fireworks pictures. Ooops! We also played Beer Pong, which I haven’t played in a few years. We actually did really well and won 5 games or so before I decided to tap out. I got lots of compliments on my arc shot, but I still think it needs improvement. Don’t worry, I also binge-watched Orange is the New Black too. I only have a few episodes left to watch of the 2nd season. I clearly don’t have the will power to pace myself. But I am forcing a break. I have a family dinner later today anyway. 

Sat0001 Sat0002





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