I stumbled across this article on FB when a friend posted about it. As much as I love the Olympics, it really KILLS the economy of whoever is dumb enough to bid on it. I want my area to have NO PART in this. Traffic already sucks, and Boston/Cambridge only tote about 21,500 total hotel rooms. If you’re counting greater-Boston, it jumps to around 51,500 rooms. There were over 124 countries and over 200,000 expected spectators at the Sochi Olympics alone. I’m not mathematician here, but there aren’t enough hotel rooms let alone physical space to stow all these people! Hopefully, nothing will come of this. (I grabbed all these stats from random articles, can’t attest to total accuracy)

I don’t understand why countries trip over themselves to host the games. It’s a serious economic suck-hole. Pull all this crazy money and years of prep (unless you’re Sochi, that probably did like 2 weeks of prep) to accommodate something that is only happening for a few weeks? It seems down right irresponsible. A good suggestion I heard from someone, pick one place and always host it there. Maybe two places, one for summer games and another for winter and stop the bids? That way at least when the games are over, the facilities can be used again. Plus, Olympic athletes can train there and know what they are getting into. Another issue, what happens after the games? A place is left with these giant structures. Are the countries able to utilize these for something else? I dunno.  (Actually, I found this article on what happens to cities after the Olympics.) 

The only advantage I can think of having an Olympics in my area, they’d be forced to update our crappy roads and maybe add highway lanes. But that would also fall under the category of an epic annoyance. Especially since it took them a million years to “complete” the Big Dig. Anyway, I’m done with my Olympics rant.

Moving on, I’m really looking forward to hanging with my BFF later. We’re loading up on sushi and catching a movie. Who knows, maybe we’ll do some dancing?




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  1. Could not agree more. I love the Olympics. I love Boston. I would HATE having the Olympics in Boston. Boston was just not made for an event that big.

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