On Friday, Andy and I tried Soulfire BBQ and it will definitely be our go-to BBQ place. I got some really good fried chicken with cornbread, potato salad, and mac N cheese. We will definitely try this place again, especially since I have a fried chicken addiction. I also tried Opa Opa watermelon ale. It was pretty good, but my fav watermelon ale is from Blue Hills Brewery.



I had to get up early on Saturday for an oil change appointment. Of course I ended up getting other things done to my car (I knew I needed them done) and spent more than I would have liked. But hey, at least it wasn’t a $500 appointment or anything. However, they did recommend I get new tires before winter, which I’m not sure I believe. I’ll have Andy take a look at them in a few months and see what he thinks. I had some leftover fried chicken for lunch, which was probably a bad idea. Erin and I went out for a sushi dinner at Fugakyu, and I wasn’t able to join the clean plate club. 


I wore fish earrings for our sushi dinner



After the movie we hopped back on the T and went to Fenway for ice cream and a movie. The ice cream was pretty good, we went to Emack & Bolio’s.  Next time I go, I’m definitely trying the fruity pebbles waffle cone! We saw Maleficent at the theater, which was pretty good. I was expecting it to be a lot more darker than it actually was. But I liked it overall. 



After the movie, we took some selfies. We ended up wearing the same striped shirt that night (not on purpose, I swear).


I love this funky wall in a hotel lobby!

This morning, I met up with Patrick for lunch at In a Pickle. He was in town for a wedding, and I’m always up for meeting up with my fav blogger peeps. I opted for the banana-chocolate chip pancakes, which were delicious! I love this place and they never disappoint. After brunch, I went to my parents house for Fathers Day. I wasn’t feeling well, so I didn’t stay at my parents very long. I started to feel better once I took some ibuprofen and an Allegra. I also slipped in a nap. Napping does a body good!


I wish the Pru building was rainbow all the time! The rest of the pics are from brunch. We always have fun at restaurants!


Andy and I are now waiting for our pizza (hooray for an unhealthy weekend) and watching Undeclared on Netflix (see also vintage Charlie Hunnam!). Such an underrated show that should have lasted more than one season. 


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