In the last 72 hours I’ve purchased no less than 11 pairs of footwear. ELEVEN PAIRS! What the hell is wrong with me? Granted, 8 of those pairs are sandals (nice ones and rubber flip-flops) and the rest are loafers. To my defense, they were all a really good deal! I only paid full price for one of those pairs ($20), the rest were between $2.50-$12. I’m not one to buy a pair of Louboutin’s anyway, I mean I could get hundreds of cheapo shoes for the cost of just one pair. Quantity not quality, right? Just the same, later today I’m forcing myself to donate at least 8 pairs of sandals and 3 pairs of flats to justify these purchases. I’m going to try a new technique where I’ll give myself 5-10 minutes to purge the excess pairs. I’m doing this so I don’t get plagued by indecision and have this turn into a 3 hour project. Let’s hope this works!


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