Okay, not really. But sometimes I still wish it was the 1990s! Tonight I’m going to a show at the HOB to see Everclear, Eve 6, Soul Asylum, and Spacehog. I’m very excited and had a great time at the Summerland tour last year. I don’t know many songs by Soul Asylum or Spacehog, just the big hits. I’m most looking forward to Eve 6 since they were one of my favorite bands in high school though. I will probably only stay for a few Everclear songs, since we saw them last year.  Don’t get me wrong, they put on a great show but I have to work on Friday. BOO! Hopefully I’ll have time tomorrow to post some pics from the show. Fingers crossed the work Gods are kindly to me and let us out early!

Nothing beats a good summer show. I’m looking forward to seeing Queen next month with Adam Lambert too. That should be great, especially since I opted for better seats at the Garden. No nosebleed this time around, woohoo!

Oh yeah, I’m glad to announce I got rid of a TON of shoes yesterday. But the “cutthroat 10 minute purge” idea didn’t really work. It look me 30ish minutes to gather a bunch of shoes to donate. At least now I’ll (hopefully) have room for new shoes.


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