I’ll run out of room on this blog for all the pictures I upload. Until then, I’ll toss in the collages I made over the weekend beach adventures in Maine. I love Maine and I’d love to live there. BUT, I have no idea what I’d do for work (make pancakes and carve my own furniture out of trees?), and the winters are even more brutal. The winter thing is what really kills that dream for me though. Anyway, we started things off right by getting a nice breakfast by the water. We ate at the Stone’s Throw, which used to be the the 1-2-3 until this season. As much as I liked my breakfast, I definitely prefer the menu of the 1-2-3 (I mean, no more giant coronaritas?!). Anyway, we lucked out and had nice weather all weekend so we definitely took advantage of morning beach times.


Stones Throw has a cute atmosphere and good food, they just need to add Coronaritas and pancakes to the menu!


The weather was nice, but the water was cold.



After the beach, we grabbed some lunch. We went back to my brothers beach house and got ready for shopping and dinner. We decided to go to the outlets where I got moar shoes (I swear to God, there is no cure for me) and a 5-person tent for camping. The tent can supposedly be set up in under a minute,  Andy and I are going to test that theory. After shopping, we rested up and then made our way to Perkins Cove, which is this gorgeous little area in Ogunquit with shops and restaurants. After some deliberation, we decided to eat at Barnicle Billy’s etc. I had the fried scallops and some of their famous rum punch. Both were really good! We’ll definitely go back there another time. 


New shoes and rum punch! Andy is afraid of giant flower paintings


Rum punch and pretty ocean views!

PerkinsCove PerkinsCove2 PerkinsCove3


No trip is complete without going to the zoo! There were so many cute baby animals this time like a monkey, piglets, and goats. I had to resist putting a piglet and goat kid in my purse. 


We couldn’t get the peacock to fan his feathers for us. BOO


Watch out for goats with crazy eyes, he almost bumped my camera


This baby monkey was cutest thing ever! His friend kept trying to yank him off the fence so he could groom him. Baby monkey didn’t like this, so he clung to his mama.


Deer, goats, baby fox, lazy lioness, and lazy tiger


The deer were just as crazy as the goats! They got under the fences and walked right up to people!




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