Yeah so, this post has nothing to do with the movie with the same title. I love going to gift shops, though I don’t like when places force you to exit through one. Andy and I went to our fair share of gift shops over the weekend during our Maine beach trip. Since I’m not made of stone (or money) I caved and bought a couple of things. At a quaint toy shop in Maine, I was able to tell the shopkeeper what a Koosh Ball is when I found one in the shop. She didn’t know the proper name for it and glad I was able to help.



I also regaled her with the story of my first Koosh ball. When I was a kid, my mom bought me one (probably to shut me up) while running errands. Being easily distracted, I left the Koosh on deposit ticket area of the bank. I didn’t realize I had forgotten it until we were already home. By the time we returned to the bank to check for it, it was gone. Yup, that’s the end of the story. Pro tip: don’t leave a hot ticket item like a Koosh ball  or tiger key chain at a bank. I didn’t end up buying the Koosh ball, but I’m happy to know they still exist 26 years later (man, I’m old). 

BUT, what I did end up getting was a duck tape measure. Get it, duck tape?!! Har-har. 



Andy also got bit by the gift shop bug, man those things are vicious! He got me a 3D R2D2 metal model and a funny beer cozy for himself.

Can't wait to add this to my R2D2 mantle collection

Can’t wait to add this to my R2D2 mantle collection





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