We came in 3rd for pub trivia last night, which means we got $15 off our bill. Not too shabby! I was happy to notice the cheater teams seemed to be gone this week. I assume they went back to Cheatland, OH to live with their parents for the summer until colleges are open. As if I needed another reason to love summer, most of the college kids are GONE. Praise Jebus!

The cheater teams always piss me off though. I’m not buying the perfect or almost perfect scores each week. It’s not fair to the rest of us that don’t whip out our phones when we don’t know the answers. Unfortunately, the no-cheating rules are not enforced. So hopefully until college is back in session, we can continue to place with the swindlers out. I will give us credit though, we usually do crack the top 5 even when the fraudsters are in attendance. Just goes to show you how much useless knowledge we know without the help of Google!


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