I guess the US lost the World Cup match yesterday, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the work festivities. I would have liked the food trucks to get here for lunch time, but they weren’t ready until 3PM. I would have eaten my own hand if I had waited until 3PM for lunch. Beer and wine were served, but I was a good soldier and didn’t partake. I’m so lame!


I started things off right, by accidentally running downstairs too early (everything was still being set up). But, still snagging a delicious and GIANT ice cream sandwich from The Cookie Monstah with no line. Man, the cookie sandwich was yummy but I didn’t get even close to finishing it. There was also a DJ and a tropical-themed slip n’ slide for the relay race. Seeing the slip n’ slide kinda made me regret not signing up for the relay race though. Now I must search the interwebz for a Super Crocodile Mile to set up in the side-yard of my apartment.


The highlight of the day was watching people wipe out on the slip n’ slide and the relay runners costume selections. There was a team dressed up in full ski gear and they could barely run in their ski boots while carrying skis. Another team was full of a dancers that Prancercised around the obstacles. A guy dressed as a chicken, was doing the chicken dance on stage. Chicken-men should be at all parties going forward.

Fotor062790813 Fotor062790715


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