We planned a ladies night after returning from Vegas and made our way to Common Ground for ’90s night. Last time we attempted ’90s night, it was during the school year so there was a crazy line out the door filled with annoying college kids. Side note, I guess I complain about college kids a lot. Maybe I should start a Tumblr about it? Anyway, this time we decided we weren’t going to stand in no lines! So we grabbed dinner at Common Ground and waited until 10:30pm when ’90s night officially kicked off. We also found out the venue creates a line to make it look more popular, we saw a line of people waiting to get in when the place wasn’t even 1/2 full. So now I’m thinking when we attempted to try ’90s night months back, the line may have been a fake-out. WTF?


The food was good and the waitress was impressed with our nacho-eating abilities. I also drank too many watermelon beers :X

I had a great time regardless. We talked about our favorite Are you Afraid of the Dark? and Goosebumps books/episodes. I also wore my Oregon Trail shirt, cuz nothing says the 1990s like someone in your party dying from dysentery. Right? I think the DJ liked my shirt because he accommodated my music requests. My calf is a little sore from all the dancing, but it’s well-worth it. But I think my calf is more sore from getting a stupid charlie horse last night than any of my sweet dance moves. I have the bad habit of not drinking enough water when I get booze. Anyway, we may plan an Are you Afraid of the Dark? party, since I own all the DVD’s for earlier seasons. Now I’m going to rest and enjoy some Bon Chon later!



We decided to memorialize our parking spot because we never get a good spot!




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