After seeing all the hype in early June over the 30 Day Ab Challenge, I decided to try it. I was a  little late to the party because I was getting over a cold at the beginning of the month. But I skipped a few rest days until I caught up with the calendar and was able to complete the challenge yesterday. When I first looked at the calendar, I honestly didn’t think I’d be make it to day 30 (125 sit ups and 200 crunches?!). But I somehow managed to get through it. Now I think I should try the squat challenge today! As an aside, how the hell is it July already?! I didn’t realize they have an app, so that should make things easier with the leg challenge. I’ve been using a print-out for the past month. 


Pardon the awful pic, I just finished day 30 and it was hot in my apartment

Anyway, I’ve been clinging to the remains of my pre-Vegas pedicure until today. I got a dry pedicure courtesy of Manicube. I haven’t used Manicube yet, but saw they are offering summer pedicures so I signed up. They come to my work once a week and it’s pretty nifty! I opted for the “Primetime Pedi” which is 25 minutes. It includes clipping, filing, cuticle clean up, and polish application. You also get a moisturizing Keratin foot wrap,and a foot massage.   I love the results and will probably book again in a month or so (I cling to pedicures for at least 3-4 weeks).  I think I’ll also get the Deborah Lippman color they used (Blue Orchid) too, because I don’t own enough nail polish already. *cough*




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