If you’ve been playing the Let’s See How Many Days (or Hours) Germana Makes It Before Buying This” (#LSHMDOHGMIBBT?) game, it’s over. I caved this morning after noticing a 20% off promo code for 4th of July. I was hoping I’d resist longer, but I have trouble passing up a sale. Oh well, I’ll just wear my R2D2 dress on street corners with an upturned hat collecting coins for robot noises. Cuz that’s normal, right?

In other news, I’m not sure I’ll be doing #VEDA this year.  As much as I like participating, it takes a lot of time each day to make a video, edit it, and watch videos of the hundreds from others. This is done EVERYDAY in August and the list of participants keeps climbing. This is good and bad. It’s great that so many people are participating, but I feel bad I don’t have time to watch hundreds of vids each day. So unless there aren’t that many people this year, I’ll probably opt out. This would be my 4th year doing #VEDA too, boy does time fly! I’m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow but I have to get through work today. I hope this stupid tropical storm/hurricane doesn’t ruin my camping plans. The weather needs to be a friend when not at work, please!


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