Anyone who knows me, knows that I love me some TV! For some reason, I was thinking about the show 7th Heaven. It was big when I was in middle school and I watched it on occasion. I could never get as into it as everyone else, only watching it sparingly. I mean, I always thought the mother was bitchy. I also never understood the mass infatuation with Jessica Biel. I mean, she’s not unattractive but always thought she was plain-looking. Anyway, I was thinking about one particular episode called “The Legacy” S3E4. I get bored on my drives to/from work, so random thoughts will pop into my head and (yeah) I’ll talk to myself.

I was talking aloud to myself the other morning, when I randomly remembered that episode of 7th Heaven. Lucy had accidentally left her lunch in geometry class and had to rush back to get it. Only to discover, her teacher ATE HER LUNCH! Like seriously? What kind of asshole teacher eats a students lunch without their consent? Not only that, her mom is completely unsympathetic about the fact her daughter had to starve. What kind of mother doesn’t care if her kid starves?

I guess this happens another time during the week and Lucy is again stiffed out of lunch. There is a third incident of a forgotten lunch. This time, Lucy is prepared (except to remember to take her lunch). She figures out  the moral of the episode “the quickest way from A to B is a straight line” (not, take your lunch with you or leave it in your locker).

So, she is able to get lunch without her asshole teacher eating it. I mean, I get teaching is a thank-less and underpaid profession, but I don’t think any real teacher would forego a students bologna sandwich to prove a geometrical point. So basically,  there is only one thing from geometry you can take into the real world, use straight lines to get places quicker. That’s a relief, because I was always concerned I’d be walking down the street and a teacher would yell “POP QUIZ! WHAT IS THE CIRCUMFERENCE OF THIS RHOMBUS?” at me and I would fail at the real world. 


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