I stole this picture from Ginny. I'm a baller-ina?

I stole this picture from Ginny this weekend. I’m a baller-ina?

I haven’t blogged in a couple of days because I was relaxing after taking an extended long weekend. We planned to go camping Friday, but stupid Arthur ruined that idea because it rained all damn day! So we left to go camping with Ginny and crew on Saturday. I guess one night was a good test to see if Zorro can handle camping. He sorta can, but had trouble when another dog came to visit. He didn’t like it when Kooper wasn’t on a leash. I thought Zorro was going to pull my arm out of it’s socket pulling on the leash! After that he was okay, he just has separation anxiety so one of us had to stay close to him so he wouldn’t whine his face off. Let me tell you, Zorro is lucky he is cute!


1 ) Zorro looks so cute hanging in front of a canoe…until he peed on it! What a jerk! 2) We tried out the new tent, only took a few minutes to set up but was nearly impossible to get back into the bag! 3) Blue Luau umbrella 4) Due to the rain, these tiny toads were everywhere. 4) The jerk dog up close


Kooper and Zorro finally making friends and Andy turned into the dog sitter. We visited the pond and found a family of ducks!

I miss camping, we haven’t gone in a while but hope to go back to the Pond again next year. It’s always fun and it’s nice to have our own private camp site, especially when your dog is whiny as hell! Ginny found this “mystical fire” stuff at the camp store. You put the bag into the camp fire and it turns the flames different colors. I guess you are supposed to use 2-3 packets each, but we didn’t read that part of the directions. I guess this stuff is toxic and causes cancer in California,  so we had to wait until everyone was done roasting marshmallows before making fire magic. It turns out putting wrapping paper into fire will have the same effect, so better idea for next year! 

Fotor0706180850 Fotor0706181033


I was glad that Jackie came to visit from Minnesota, I haven’t seen her in years. We all dumped our beers into solo cups and went to the campground dance. Unfortunately, it was pretty dead this year. Usually the whole camp site goes and it’s filled with adults and kids. We didn’t stay very long, and went back to play the name game around the camp fire.


Zorro was much better in the car ride home, but still managed to get fuzz on my flamingo dress. Glad I finally had a chance to wear my ninja turtle pants!


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