Since I keep finding the occasional sets of mouse crap under my couch, I’ve been seriously considering getting a kitty. I don’t want a kitten, but would rather adopt a cat that is over a year old. I also would prefer a breed that doesn’t shed as much. So, then I found a list of breeds that either don’t shed or don’t shed a lot. 



The list of cats is a bit daunting! But at least I can use it to find adoptable cats in my area. Out of the list my favorites are, the LaPerm, Singapura, Bombay, Burmese, and Siamese. Surprisingly, the Bengal didn’t make my cut. I’ve watched too many episodes of My Cat From Hell, and the breed seems crazy. I think other breeds on my list are also cats that are considered valuable if they are a full-breed. I don’t need a full-breed, just a nice kitty that needs a home! I found another site that lists Russian Blue and Siberians for low dander (my other favs), but they probably still shed a lot. Oh well! 

In the end, I’m hoping for a black Bombay kitty that I can adopt. But there are other obstacles in the way. The kitty will need to get along with my dog, and my dog will need to get along with kitty. I mean, I’m sure if kitty swats at Zorro a few times he’ll back off. This seems like an impossible wishlist, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled. I’ve had cats before, but my parents kept our cats in the basement and outside. Andy also comes from a multiple cat household, so he is definitely the cat-person out of the two of us. Wish me luck if I decide to pursue getting a cat. 



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7 responses to “I (SORT OF) WANT A CAT

  1. I really want a cat as well! As I’m in a flat I was thinking of doing the same, adopting an older cat that was used to being indoors for a majority of the time, but still debating it! x
    Jasmin Charlotte

    • Glad I’m not the only one! I want one, but am afraid of the how the cat and dog will get along. Plus the added expenses of adding another pet to the household. BUT, cats are sooo cute ^_^

  2. We live in a flat and adopted 2 kitties :). They were both about 6 months old and no issues. Apart from the occasional stealing keys, work passes and hiding other essential items LOL. Yes one of them is a tuxedo aka magpie xD

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