Andy and I were talking about weird things people name their kids nowadays. It makes me illogically angry. I don’t think some parents realize their child will have to live with that name FOREVER. So don’t be selfish and name them Camera, Blanket, or Audio Science. 

I looked at the top 100 boys and girls names for 2014. I gotta say, it made me disappointed because a lot of the popular names are sniped from Teen Mom. I’ll admit I hate-watch Teen Mom, because I  like to make myself angry over their actions. But I would definitely go out of my way to not name my child after theirs. Some of the names have always been common though, so I’m not talking about those. But Bentley and Jace? Those have very likely risen to popularity because of Teen Mom.

I don’t understand how some of these girl names like Paisley, Kennedy, and Genesis made this popular list? What will be up next year, Houndstooth, Nixon, and Generation? Please don’t steal those, I totally want to use them! *cough*  I was also surprised to discover Nevaeh is still popular, because that was a “thing” among the pregnant teens in my high school 10+ years ago. Cuz’ like OMG, who doesn’t want to name their kid heaven spelled backwards? I’m probably offending some people that have used these names, sorry! I just think there is a fine line between unusual and really strange, and it shouldn’t be crossed. I also don’t believe in naming a child after a passing TV/Movie fad (like Katniss). As much as I loved the Hunger Games, when 10 years pass, nobody will know who you’re named after. 

 I think this is a touchy subject for me because I have an uncommon name. Having an unusual name when you’re a kid, is grounds for playground ridicule.  I remember not liking my name when I was younger. Now I do because it’s uncommon, not strange, and not a passing 1980s fad. I’m just glad my parents didn’t name me something ridiculous like Parmesan Fusilli or Rubik’s Cube. 


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