Andy asked me this the other day, “do you want to hear some bad news about our trip to Punta Cana?”. I replied with a “yes” because I like to treat bad news like ripping off a bandage. I thought he was going to tell me he couldn’t go because of something work-related. Thankfully, it wasn’t that type of bad news. It turns out  there are FREAKING TARANTULAS there. I asked him if he thought cast iron skillets are TSA approved. I need one as a spider defense weapon. If I see one anywhere near me, it’s getting smashed into a pile of mushy spider goo. I don’t like creatures with too many legs, more than 4 and you’re showing off. So, I have zero tolerance for spiders with their excessive amount of hairy legs. *shivers*

BUT, there is a silver lining here. I remembered the time I went to Costa Rica and we drove past a pond filled with flamingos (“ooohhh heaven is a place on Earth!”). I think this happened right after a parrot attacked my bracelet thinking it was made of tropical berries.  Anyway, I immediately went to Google if wild flamingos are thing in Punta Cana. Turns out, they are! You have no idea how happy this makes me. I’m going to see if there are any areas near the hotel where I can do some prime bird watching for my pink-feathered friends. I also wonder if exotic bird traps are TSA approved because I want a pet flamingo. It will step-up my lawn flamingo collection! Check out this picture someone posted from a Punta Cana hotel pool on Trip Advisor:




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