Erin and I were long overdue for a beach trip together. I got up early on a Saturday (ugh) and headed down to her house. We got to ride to the beach in her new car, I’m a bit nostalgic for her old one. But it was 14 years old and definitely becoming a money pit. Anyway, despite leaving early we hit some traffic before getting to the Cape due to a car accident. Once we got to the beach, we were dismayed to realize their concession stand is closed for the 2014 season. SERIOUSLY?! That is just ridiculous! We didn’t pack lunches, just some waters and frozen grapes. Thankfully we brought the grapes so we could snack on them and leave to grab a late lunch. Despite this, we still had a great time at the beach. It was definitely much warmer than what the weather man predicted, but the water was cool. So we went for a dip regularly.


After the beach, we grabbed a late lunch at the Lobster Pot. We both got fried scallops and they didn’t disappoint. I was so hungry, I forgot to take pictures memorializing our yummy lunch. Side note, when Googling “lobster pot” be sure to check your spelling because apparently typing “lobster por” brings up a link to porn sites. Seriously, I can’t even!

Anyway, once we got back to Erin’s, we had enough time to digest our lunch. This means obligatory Dairy Queen trip! I got a cookie dough blizzard in a waffle cone. Since I haven’t eaten enough unhealthy things today, I had some of Friday nights Bonchon chicken for dinner. Andy and I are supposed to go to a friends birthday in Brookline tonight, I’m glad I already ate dinner. Cuz I’m sure I would find something even more unhealthy than Bonchon chicken on the menu.



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