Snatch (2000)

After living in my apartment for over 2 years, I finally hit the fence in my driveway. I knocked it off the hinges. Not a lot of damage to my car (thankfully). But, I still don’t understand how I did it. I’m even able to park when my upward-angled driveway is covered in ice. UGH!  I tried to order some touch-up paint on eBay, but I picked the weird auction where they don’t list shipping. Apparently I have to wait to be invoiced?! I don’t like the sound of this. If I had realized this was a new thing (scam) on eBay I would have picked a different auction. 

I’m not that concerned about the scratches, most of them can rub off. But the deeper ones will require the sketchy-auction touch-up paint. My car is only like 2 years old and this is the first scratch that I did myself. I already have loads of “mystery” scratches from my neighbors opening car doors into mine. This also happens at work when giant-ass trucks have to park next to me. So I probably should have ordered touch-up paint a while ago. Oh well, shit happens. It’s not like I’m keeping the car forever, I’ll have to get an SUV type vehicle eventually. Not ready for that life “phase” quite yet, haha. 


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