I had too much watermelon beer last night and feel kinda crappy today. But I think it’s mostly due to seasonal allergies more than drinking too much. I’m starting to think seasonal allergies is inaccurate, I seem to have them EVERY SEASON now. Anyway, I was a tad disappointed in my July Ipsy bag. It’s bound to happen occasionally with beauty box subscriptions. I thought the options were a bit skimpy, but hopefully August will be better! This month I got, Bare Minerals 5-in-1 BB Performance Cream Eyeshadow with SPF 15 (try saying that 5 times fast!), Clear Clinic Clear Spot Treatment, Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil,  Lord Berry Kajal Stick eyeliner, and Models Own Nail Polish

All these goodies came in a really cute pink makeup bag. I’ve only tried the clear spot treatment, so hard to tell if it’s effective after only one use. But if it is, I’m totally going to buy one to leave in my purse. I’ve also heard good things about the Bare Minerals eyeshadow. Maybe I will try it tonight with the eyeliner. I’m not sure I’m going to use the tanning oil, I’ve been trying to wear sunblock more these days. I’m getting old and don’t want to resemble George Hamilton. I might try the nail polish next week, using a solid red base. If I remember, I’ll edit this post as I try the other items. 

[EDIT 7/20] I tried the eyeshadow and eyeliner and love them! The drawback for the eyeshadow is dry time, so don’t glob it on! I had to wipe the excess off my upper eyelid once it was dried. But it went on smooth and has great coverage. The eyeliner worked pretty well, didn’t smudge but I didn’t do an extensive wear test. I wore it on the bottom lid only, fyi.[/EDIT].




*Disclaimer: Ipsy subscription purchased by me. All opinions are my own. 


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