Andy and I decided to try Lulu’s last night, it just opened about a month ago. We were able to get a seat right away, which was nice! I’m guessing not a lot of people know about it yet, since it’s in an area full of other bars and restaurants a couple streets over. They have a pretty good beer selection and I’m a fan of bars with the large sliding windows. Andy got pretzel bites and a burger for dinner. The pretzel bites were more like salted mini bread buns, but still good! I (of course) got fried chicken (butt) with arugula salad and mashed potatoes. I didn’t like how the chicken was stacked on top of the mashed potatoes, and arugula on top of the chicken, But the food was darn good! 


The waitstaff was prompt and friendly, always things I appreciate. They seemed to have a decent amount of seating as well. We will definitely go back, but I will probably get a burger next time. I’m not ready for it to be Sunday already! We went to my parents house because she made a cake for my nephew’s 4th birthday. Unfortunately, his fever came back and he fell asleep and didn’t want cake. Poor kid, hope he feels better!

The only good thing about it being Sunday, is that I’m seeing Queen this week AND I CAN’T FREAKING WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Andy gave “crazy eyes” outside


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