The toilet in our apartment is “special”, in that you need to pull the lever back up after you flush. If you don’t, the water will keep running. Don’t ask me why this happens, we’ve been having to do this since Andy “fixed” the toilet last year. Anyway, he left his razor next to the sink and I accidentally knocked it into the toilet as I was pulling the handle back up on the toilet today. Thankfully, everything was already flushed, but sticking your hand into a toilet is never a fun experience.

I washed my hands twice for several minutes and followed up with hand-san. Once I was done sanitizing, I left a post-it by the sink. I decided to pin this one on the dog, because why not! I made sure to use improper grammar in the note. #LOLCATS has taught me that most animals hate proper grammar. I texted him and I have a feeling he knows it was me, not Zorro. Thankfully, it was only like a $5 razor and he doesn’t need me to replace it. Looks like Zorro is off the hook! This works out for him, because he never has ‘moneyz’.


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