Andy and I saw Queen with Adam Lambert last night. It was freaking awesome! We got club seats at the Garden, which means they were made of leather and in a special floor where all the suites are located. Adam Lambert did an AMAZING job. He is so darn cute, I just want to hug him and steal his shoe collection. He has an excellent vocal range.


They rolled footage of Freddie singing throughout the show, I thought that was a nice touch

I’ve been a fan of Queen since 5th grade, which was years after Freddie Mercury passed away. Between Queen and Aerosmith, it was a tough draw to see which tape spent more time in my Walkman. Anyway, I never had the chance to see Queen live until last night. The other band members, Taylor and May sang and performed slower songs on their own. I like how they each had the chance to sing and perform on their own. Though, I could have done without the 10-minute guitar solo by May, but it was pretty cool! I also like how they had footage of Mercury singing on the big screen to commemorate him. I took a ton of photos with my contraband camera. So enjoy the collages!




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