Fotor0728112541I thought I would share my latest Sephora haul. This time I got Philosophy ‘When Hope is Not Enough‘ facial serum, Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Kit, Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Palette, and Bumble and bumble Straight Blow Dry.I haven’t had a chance to try anything out, except for the Straight Blow Dry (it’s a re-order) and the Philosophy serum. 

I’ve been using the Bumble and bumble balm for a couple years now (that’s how long it took me to finally use up my 5oz tube). I love the results! It’s a heat-activated styling balm that helps straighten, smooth, and prevent frizz. It also leaves my hair natural looking/feeling, as I don’t like anything that leaves a residue. YUCK.

I was very excited to finally get the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette! I can’t believe I was able to wait this long to get it. I mean, it’s shaped like a chocolate bar and the shadows are made with coco powder so they smell delicious. If my eyelids decide to ever become smelly, these eye shadows will come in handy. haha! The palette also came with instructions on how to achieve certain looks, I’ll definitely be using those.

I kinda wish I researched contour kits a bit more, but this Smashbox one seems really simple. But I’m sure I could have found one in a lower price range. Hopefully when I use it, I’ll really love it as I’ve been wanting to try a kit for a while now.

Since I’ll be turning 30 in just over a month, I thought it would be a good idea to start with the anti-wrinkle treatments. I’m trying a serum for now and this one by Philosophy has good ratings. It has a slight smell to it, but it fades quickly. The serum is formulated as a lightweight, oil-free antioxidant serum with toning, firming, and anti wrinkle properties. I just started using it last night and it hasn’t made me look 16 again, but I’m willing to keep using it. 


[EDIT 7/31/14] I tried the chocolate bar palette and contour kit. I loved the chocolate palette! I used the directions for the “milk chocolate” eye look. It came out okay. I added some gold eyeliner because I figured it would go well with the shades of brown. My only complaint about the palette is that the colors are not listed below the shades, so you have to rely on the plastic insert. But other than that, it was easy to follow. I wasn’t really impressed with the contour kit, I feel like it didn’t really show on my face. Maybe you aren’t supposed to use BB cream under it? Just a bare face with concealer, perhaps? Either way, I’m willing to experiment with it more. But I think next time I’ll go with one that’s at a lower price range. [/EDIT]


I’m awful with taking eye makeup pictures, sorry!


**I purchased and reviewed these items on my own.




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2 responses to “TRY NOT TO SNIFF MY EYELIDS!

  1. Michelle

    I have the Chocolate Bar Eye Palette and it smells amazing. The effects are also pretty amazing. I really like your reviews too – very honest and entertaining to read. Do you have one of Vain Pursuits? I’ve started to hear a lot about them and thought it’d be great to have more info!

    • Thanks Michelle! I’ve never heard of Vain Pursuits, but taking a look, it sounds awesome! I love the idea of customized skin care 🙂
      Thanks for the tip, maybe I’ll get around to trying them sometime.

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