This week we start the search for a new trivia spot. We’ve been going to the same place a for a long time now and I guess we finally reached the last straw during our last game. The pub we go to has really spotty wait service that we’ve grown accustomed to. Some weeks are better than others, but overall we have to be strategic about when to order food, more drinks, and get the check. I usually forgive them because we go there all the time and we like playing trivia. Plus, I’m addicted to their Caesar salads. I don’t know why, but they just taste better there than any place else. Since my mom doesn’t read this blog, I think it’s safe to say I don’t eat as many veggies as I should. So I use pub trivia as the opportunity to have more salad. I should probably get a garden salad instead, but I try to incorporate other veggies throughout the week.

Anyway, enough about my dorm-room style diet. It was really the cheating problem that finally got to us. We know people cheat at trivia, it’s an unfortunate fact. Some trivia hosts are better at calling it out and monitoring it than others. The usual host isn’t great about taking actions against it. But even he noticed the the two girls from Ireland that kept winning each week. Whats even more shady, the manager of the pub would sit and play with them off and on. Ummm….red flag anyone?! 

 The host began to question them, and the girls claimed to be lawyers. I don’t see how being an Abercrombie-clad Irish lawyers lends you extensive knowledge on the Hoosier State though. So we began to watch them ourselves, trying to look for excessive phone use.  I didn’t see any, but it turns out they were asking the waitstaff and the manager for answers! The time I didn’t go, Andy and Brian were at the end of their ropes with this shady arrangement. So they called out the manager for helping them. He said the girls work there. That’s very interesting, considering they were “lawyers” a few weeks back and none of the waitstaff acted like they knew them. The manager never returned to their table that night, and the waitress for Andy’s table made a disappearing act of her own. So basically, we’re out a trivia venue. I told Andy I would help him write a Yelp review. After all, I’m the queen of scathing Yelp reviews. Wish us luck trying out new places over the next few weeks. 


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