I was supposed to get a couple of packages from UPS delivered last Wednesday. The tracking info said it was delivered at 6:20PM. Andy and I were both home at this time. He also went out to have a cigarette about 15 minutes after the package was supposedly delivered. To add to the mystery, our upstairs neighbor received their UPS box to their door. I didn’t think someone would steal my shipments, but there was a girl moving out from an apartment across the street. I didn’t think someone would be that ballsy to snatch a package that was only sitting for 15 minutes. So I figured maybe UPS scanned it in and left if on the back of the truck.

Instead of calling to complain, I decided to wait a day hoping the packages would show up. No such luck! So I called and opened a claim and a re-ship was sent out for the missing items. Fast forward to Sunday night. I get a knock at the door and it’s a neighbor saying that UPS dropped my stuff off at her place by mistake. After all that, they dropped it at the wrong house! Now I have to send back the re-shipped orders. But I’m just glad to know that there isn’t a package thief in the area, just tired UPS drivers. I just wish my neighbor didn’t wait four days to return my packages, but she could have been out of town. 

I’m excited for tonight, I’m hoping the bar we try for trivia is a keeper for us! Also, I hope they have decent Caesar salad. 


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