The search for a new trivia venue went well last night. We decided to head to the burbs’ and try Playmakers. The Caesar salad wasn’t as good as the old place, but they offer 1/2 price burgers on Wednesdays so I’ll call that a win! Andy and Brian both liked their burgers so I’ll definitely have to try one next week. It’s always funny that we get excited over cheaper beer and food prices when we move a few miles out of Boston. So they are definitely gaining points there.

Another thing I like is that there was only about 15 or so trivia teams, as opposed to nearly 30 each week at the old place. They also had better questions as well (i.e. easier). But we got cocky and sloppy (#TWSS) towards the end and lost our first place spot. I’m sure we can at least place or something next week. But the icing on the cake for me was NO CHEATERS! You have no idea how happy that made me. As as aside, Andy didn’t like my genius plan of “sticking it to the man” for revenge against the old trivia place. My idea was to go to the BBG one more time, and only order water the whole night. We would try to sit next to the fake lawyers and we’d play as team, “We’re not lawyers, we just play them at the BBG”. Alas, I was shot down because he is too angry to set foot inside their doors again. *sigh*

 I noticed they turned the old costume/joke shop across the street from Playmakers into a wrestling store, complete with oak tag sign for “Wrestling Universe”. I preferred the costume shop, despite it being a mystery how it stayed open for so many years when Halloween is only a once a year deal.


I took a selfie with the Undertaker, but I looked awful in it. So I will not be posting that on the internetz



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