We got our first Blue Apron delivery on Wednesday. I’m loving the idea of dinner boxes because it takes the guess work out of the age old question “what should we have for dinner?”. Plus I don’t have to make a trip to the grocery store across 27 different aisles for items to make one recipe. WOOHOO! Blue Apron comes with 3 meals and the cost is about $60 (equals out to $20/meal). They send you enough food for 2 people per meal, but you can also get meals for 4 people. I will tell you the portions are kinda small, but that just means you can have more ice cream for dessert. Right?!


The food comes in an insulated package with loads of ice packs. The fresh food is on the top and there is a bottom layer with more ice packs for your meat or fish. I didn’t get my delivery until around 5:30PM and my food was still cold. I unpacked it and put it in the fridge and freezer right away. They forgot to send me the watercress for my salmon burgers though. But since it’s not a crucial ingredient, we let it slide. We also didn’t bother adding tomatoes as the “burger” topping because we aren’t fans of raw tomato. One small suggestion, I wish they separated the ingredients for each meal so you don’t have to search the fridge with your recipe card.


Anyway, like Plated, there is lots of prep involved. Andy did most of the chopping/mincing for the salmon burger recipe. He complained about it, but I definitely offered to take over. My offer was denied, so I stuck with the cooking portion of the meal. It definitely helps to have two people making these meals, I can’t imagine how much time one person would spend making these alone. The recipe calls for making basil butter and aoili. Oh man, corn on the cob with basil butter is freaking amazing! The aioli for the salmon came out great as well. Overall, we were very satisfied with the meal, just wish the portions were bigger. 

I’m so glad it’s Friday! We are playing it by ear this weekend, it’s kinda nice to not have anything planned so we can pick up and go wherever we like. I just wish the weather was nicer on Saturday. I have to get up early that day for a hair appointment. I warned my hair stylist that I wanted to switch my blue streak out for another color. I’m probably going to go purple! 




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