Saturday was fun! I had a family birthday party for my nephew and nieces, since their birthdays fall in June, July, and August. Nina (the youngest) kept saying “it Saturday…Nina birthday!” Technically her birthday isn’t until next week, but she’s super-cute so we’ll let her get away with it. I also crack up when she refers to herself in the 3rd person. Anyway, the theme for the party was Frozen and Ninja Turtles. I opted to rock the Leonardo eye mask because NINJA TURTLES!


Anyway, my nephew has this giant Batman coloring pad, so I made use of it. He watched me color in a Batman picture. I’m giving it to Erin today for our swim/sushi day. I didn’t finish it because I don’t have the energy to color in the buildings, but we can cut out Batman and tape him to glittery paper! My brother and sister-in-law gave the kids a trip to Disney World this fall as their gift. They wrote it on a sign and cut it up so they could put together the puzzle. My nephew got angry when people weren’t putting the pieces together perfectly. SO his big sister had to finish putting it together and de-coding the message. She was the only one happy about it. The other two didn’t quite get it. After a while, Mikey got excited because he realized he would see Lightning McQueen. Oh kids! I then showed them my pictures from Disney when I went (Han) solo style in April. 



Later that day, Andy and I met up with Ginny for food and drinks at Lulu’s. I really like Lulu’s and this was the second time we went. I got a really yummy burger that came on a lunch tray. I also tried one of their “beer tails”, which is beer/liquor combo. I opted for the Blue-Haired Clown per Andy’s suggestion. Since I like Clown Shoes Clementine beer and all. They topped with beer with blueberry vodka and it was yummy! I wish they had a Purple-Haired Clown to match my switch from blue to purple hair, but oh well. I must be off, I need to get ready for my sushi/swim day with Erin. Hooray!



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