I was glad Erin and I got to hang out yesterday. We went to a friends pool in RI while they were away, they don’t mind us using the pool. They are happy that someone is using it, lol. I like their house, it’s set way back in the woods so there are a lot of butterflies and dragonflies around. I’m slightly afraid of dragonflies, but as long as they don’t fly towards me I’m okay. We brought a bunch of snacks with us to munch on while relaxing by the pool.


After a while, we decided to move the two-person pool party over to the sushi place. I ate too many snacks and am ashamed to say I didn’t come even close to finishing my food. Tonight I’m heading to the Summer Nationals tour with Offspring headlining. I’m also very excited to finally see Bad Religion, Pennywise, The Vandals, and Stiff Little Fingers. I only know a few songs by The Vandals and Stiff Little Fingers so I hope their sets include my favs! 



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