My eyelids are dragging on the floor today, which is kinda gross…and also an exaggeration. A bunch of us went to the Summer Nationals tour which has Offspring headlining. I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to see the Offspring! Other great bands played too like The Vandals, Bad Religion, and Pennywise. I only know a couple songs by The Vandals and they played one of them. They had a lot of fun energy on the stage, we got to catch most the set despite some weirdness with our tickets.

Since the show was sold out, they were making everyone follow the seating section on the tickets. I had no idea House Of Blues even had seating, but for some reason they do and we apparently had seats. This was odd considering I thought the whole place was general admission. But have no fear, a friend of ours works there and not only let us cut the outside line (which was about 1/4 mile long), he escorted us to the floor section. We also got sparkly VIP bracelets. Bawlers, yo!


No crazy lines for us!

Anyway, once we got to the floor section, I nabbed a good spot right next to the stage but out of the pit. I stood there ALL NIGHT. I refused to give up my spot, but thankfully Ginny was able to find me during the Bad Religion set. I sacrificed drinking and using the restroom for my nice standing spot. The one time I did use the restroom, Derek was nice enough to hold our places. I also took loads of pictures, but I narrowed down my favorites into collages for this post.

The spot was also great for people watching! The bouncers pulled tons upon tons of crowd-surfers down and they sent them along the path next to me. I don’t get the appeal of crowd-surfing. Especially if you’re a female, if you’re gonna cop a feel I want the money first. Har XD


The Vandals and Pennywise. The house was packed!

Sweet standing spot aside, Pennywise put on an awesome set. They are another band I should have seen earlier than last night. I liked that they played a Minor Threat song and a lot of their own old hits. They (of course) ended with Bro Hymn, which is one of my fav songs. I broke my golden rule of not wearing flip flops to music shows and only got my foot stomped on twice. I’ll consider that a win! The foot-stompers managed to get the same toe too.


Pennywise and Bad Religion

Once Pennywise wrapped up, I got all pumped for some Bad Religion. Which reminds me, I have no idea what happened to the shirt I used to own! They played some newer songs which I’m not that into. Overall, a great set. I was happy they played some old stuff. Andy and I would have loved it even more if they ended it with “Fuck Armageddon this is Hell!”.


Bad Religion and Offspring

Last but not least, Offspring came on! This made standing in one spot for 3 hours worth it! Though, I did have to dodge the flailing elbows of the guy in front of me several times. They put on an excellent show, lots of energy. They played songs off the Smash album. But for the encore they played some hits from Americana. Ginny and I definitely appreciated this, since we played that album during her 16th birthday party. Man, we’re old!





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