The countdown to 30 has (unfortunately) begun, I have less than a month left in my 20’s. I decided a while back that I wanted to do an ’80s theme party and I just started gathering my supplies. I’m going to wear leggings I already own (hell, there is a crap load to choose from in my house), and pair it with a rainbow light up tutu. Originally, I wanted to book a bus through the Bustonian, but they never got back to me with a quote. Great customer service, guys!

But I think a party bus would be more hassle than it’s worth anyway. First of all, I’d have to make sure enough people go to help cover the cost of the bus, and everyone would have to arrive on time to catch it. I think that’s expecting too much from a large group of people. So instead, I’ll be asking people to bring juke box money and meet me at The Avenue. From there, we will take over the juke box and play strictly ’80s Joel. Just kidding, anything ’80s all night long. Sorry other patrons, you’ll just have to Relax with some Frankie Goes to Hollywood. I haven’t decided if I’m wearing a piano key necktie or just getting a piano key necktie shirt. I guess it depends which looks best with the tutu. So I bought both!




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