It’s kinda depressing that there aren’t many summer weekends left! While I enjoy fall, it inevitably leads to winter. I hate winter, thinking about it makes me sad. But, enough about that! This post is about cramming as much summer things as possible in the short time there is left. That’s what we did this weekend! I also did a lot of walking and finally decided to utilize the pedometer built into my phone. I guess the peer-pressure of watching Andy track his stats on his Vivo watch got me into it. I did over 10,000 steps on Friday and Saturday. So I figured it was okay to have some Bon Chon for dinner on Friday. It’s hard to track steps on my phone when it’s not on me all the time, so I’m getting a Samsung Gear watch for my birthday in a few weeks. I’m not into that social fitness tracking crap, so that is why I’m opting out of the FitBit or UP band. Plus, the smart watch allows me to check emails, texts, and answer calls. I guess since I’m getting the watch,  I will have to save the voice-activated R2D2 for next year. Sorry, R2!

I met up with Ray on Saturday to shoot some #VEDA videos. It’s always nice to meet local VEDA peeps. I shot my video using the We Blog We Vlog topic, you can watch it here. Anyway, Andy and I went to dinner and drinks with friends at the Copper House Tavern later. The food is really good there and it wasn’t terribly crowded. I decided to get something healthy-ish, so a Ceasar salad for me! I was also happy to find out that Shipyard Pumpkinhead is available in August. I think it’s too early for pumpkin, but I guess everyone is following Starbucks with releasing pumpkin things early. I’m not complaining, it’s my favorite beer so I’ll enjoy it in the late summer. 


Today, Jamie and I had our fake-Vegas pool party we had planned after her return from Hong Kong. Turns out they changed the times at the Hotel Indigo pool, and we got there too early. Thankfully, the bouncer ended up letting us in 20 minutes early. We were able to get pool seats right away. We also wasted no time ordering food and drinks. I got a Long-Island Iced Tea type of a drink, and a yummy burger. I didn’t end up liking my drink that much, but their mojitos are really good. Next time I’ll be getting a mojito!


It was a little cloudy today, but still warm. They put noodles and donuts in the pool for patrons, so you can float around to your hearts content. I also liked the waitstaff by the pool, so we did’t have to go inside to order food and drinks. Everything is  a little expensive, but I expected it from a hotel pool. We were able to spend a relaxing day. Jamie even fell asleep! I spent some time in the water and laying around with my (over-priced) People magazine. There were also loads of little birds eyeing our food and a bee with a foot fetish. It that kept trying to pollinate my green painted toes. Yucko! I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow, but I have a surprise birthday party to go to this week. It should be fun!

Fotor0817165949 Fotor0817170134


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