I’ve been wanting an R2D2 bathing suit for a few years now. But the only website that had them (at the time) wanted to charge $100. Yeah, NO THANKS! As much as a I love me some R2, I couldn’t justify $100 for a screen print one-piece bathing suit. After that, I never bothered to check again until a week ago. I was filming a #VEDA video about obsessions when I got to thinking about that bathing suit. I did a quick Google search and it yielded some super-cheap results. I guess waiting a few years paid off, because now other companies have knocked off this bathing suit.


I ordered it from this China-based online shop. I have no idea how reliable it is, but I used PayPal and my order came to less than $12. So I figured it was worth the risk if I end up having to open a PayPal claim from a potentially sketchy website. I should have searched more though, they have lots of them on eBay for about the same price. Oh well! I just hope my Chinese bathing suit arrives before I go on vacation. Otherwise I’ll throw on some tights and be Droid Lady GaGa for Halloween. 


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