I was growing sick of frying up zucchini that is from my garden. I mean, I love fried zucchini I was getting sick of all the trouble to make it myself. So when I landed myself a large but almost manageable sized zucchini, I decided to attempt zucchini bread. I found a Zucchini Bread with Chocolate Chip Streusel recipe and gave it a try. I deviated a little bit from it. I didn’t use as much sugar and opted for bread tins instead of a skillet. The recipe yielded me two tins of bread. One of which I think I’m going to give my mom later today.


The recipe was easy to prepare. But I spent a crazy amount of time doing dishes and cleaning up after.  Shredding zucchini can get messy, yo! Anyway, I left the bread in the oven a bit longer than the directions called for. My bread is probably slightly under-cooked but it’s hard to tell since zucchini is very moist. I think I will definitely try this again! It was a big success. But I wish I could hire someone to clean the kitchen after.

 I decided to read the book based off Orange is the New Black Netflix series. I like it so far, but the TV series has wayyy more drama so far. I was thinking I would end up being scared for Piper, but it’s not as bad as the show. Then again, I’ve only just started reading. But I guess more drama is to be expected in a film or TV adaptation. A lot of the names are different too.

Tonight we’re heading to a family birthday party at a rented hall. There is also a DJ, so I’ll be requesting some Electric Slide, Cotton-Eye Joe, and Thriller. That’s how I roll! Go ‘80s or go home!


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