I have a very ambiguous, unwritten, and constantly evolving bucket lists. I’m not really that into life lists in general, which is shocking. But that is because I change my mind a lot and when I get an idea about something I try to do it right away. If I wait too long, I just don’t feel like doing it anymore or I’ll forget. I actually forgot about wanting to go to a gun range until Andy reminded me. Our friend invited us out to a gun range he is a member of. We got to try several different types 22 caliber hand guns and a couple of rifles. I was a bit nervous since I’ve never shot a gun before. He told me all the safety rules and showed me how to load my revolver and how to flip the safety. 


We got to pick our own paper targets and I went with green man. Our friend also made his own metal targets, but you can only use lead-tip ammunition with the metal targets because the copper kind will ricochet. I started off with a classic Smith & Wesson revolver that looked like a BB gun, a Ruger 22SR, and Ruger MK3. Don’t quote me on those Ruger names, I may be looking at the wrong models. I liked the old revolver, but it was very hard to hit the target with it. Once I started using the two Ruger’s, I hit my green man! I got pretty close to his heart, but most of my shots went to the gut and groin. 



My aim got even better when I used the rifles. Especially the rifle that had a scope. The scope feels like cheating, but I was able to nail the targets with it. One valuable lesson I learned, stay to the left of the person shooting, otherwise you risk being nailed with hot shells! When I was on  my Annie Oakley rifle streak,  a hot casing nailed one of my friends in the arm. Yikes! 😦 We had a great time and can’t wait to go again! We will get to try more rifles next time, which I can’t handle for an extended period due to the weight. My spaghetti arms can’t handle rifles for several straight rounds. We stayed until we ran out of ammo then we went to Andy’s parents to borrow their cats. I’ll post about the borrowed kitties later! 


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