I finally made good with my idea of borrowing cats to try to get rid of the mouse living in my apartment. We were able to get these cats from Andy’s parents and they are the cutest! We dubbed them the “perpetual kittens”, since they are about 3-4 years old and still look like babies. I have no idea why these ladies are so tiny, but they are great at catching mice. No signs of dead mice yet, but they’ve only just settled themselves into my apartment.


Peanut Butter


Reese’s Pieces


These kittens used to be Andy’s, until he moved in with a friend for a few months that has Grey Hounds. He left them with his parents with the intention of getting them back once our apartment was ready. This didn’t happen. His parents grew to really love these little ladies and didn’t want to give them up! We obliged and eventually got Zorro dog to fill the pet void.

I remember when he first got them and he didn’t know what to name them. So I took over the naming process and the calico is Reese’s Pieces (or just Reese’s) and orange kitty is Peanut Butter Cup (or Peanut Butter). Can you tell I was hungry when I named them? Actually, I went after Andy’s favorite kinds of candy. He couldn’t say no to that! Plus the coat on Reese’s does resemble melted Reese’s Pieces and Peanut Butter’s color is that of her namesake. So it all makes sense, see?!

Peanut Butter is weird and will rarely let me pet her. But she acts like she wants attention and then will scamper off. I also catch her following me around the house and hanging out in my room. She seems to like my room but not me! Reese’s likes to hide, but when she isn’t hiding you can sometimes pet her. My money is on Reese’s to catch the mouse. She seems to have zeroed in on the couch where it’s probably hiding. She stood guard under it one whole night and most of the day. Her sister only stood on couch watch one night, slacker! 




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3 responses to “ELUSIVE HOUSE GUESTS

  1. Does Zorro get along with them? 🙂

    • He’s not home with us, my parents are watching him. Which is why I took so long to take this plan of action, didn’t want to be away from my pup.:( I miss him already

      • Oh no! 😦 We’re lucky that Fresca seems to be okay with Sergio and vice versa. She’s still a pup and tries to play with him as if he was a dog… She gets swatted on the face when that happens. 😛

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