Going from living with a dog to life with cats is a weird adjustment for me. Our dog is staying with my parents while we have the borrowed kittens. I visited him and it was odd to have to leave him there and head home. When I arrived though, he immediately started whining for attention. But my parents dog (Daisy) also demands my attention. So I had to use each hand and pet them both at the same time. Apparently he is having a blast at “Daisy’s Boot Camp”, where they both run around all day and promptly drop like flies by the evening from exhaustion. I don’t think he is going to want to come home! To that I say tough crap, he will come home because I miss his face!

I find myself sad that he isn’t there “singing” for me. Andy thinks I’m being ridiculous. Maybe I am, but I miss my stupid dog! Cats are just strange and funny. I’ve won over Reese’s but Peanut Butter continues to stalk and retreat if I attempt to pet her. I don’t get cats at all! But they are a little easier than dogs. First of all, these little ladies don’t shed as much as my husky mix and I don’t have to send them outside to “do their business”. They are also quieter! I know not all cats are quiet, but these little ladies are. 



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