We got another Blue Apron shipment last week. This round our recipes were Pan-Seared Cod, Pan-Seared Chicken, and Spice-Rubbed Pork.  We made the pork first. I’m not gonna lie, it was a bit of a pain to prep! We had A LOT of chopping to do , since the recipe has you make your own peach salsa. Thankfully all the chopperatin’ and such was worth it, it was my favorite dish from the shipment. I also loved the sides and salsa, so A+ on this recipe.


Next up, we made the cod with roast potatoes and squash. This dish was much easier and didn’t involve a lot of prep. Praise Jebus! It came out really well and I had a lot of left over squash because Andy doesn’t like squash. Last night, we made the chicken with roasted eggplant and fennel salad. This dish was okay. The chicken was really good but I didn’t like the sides as much. We skipped part of the recipe where you scoop out the insides of half of the eggplant, chop it up, and add it the chicken. By the time the eggplant was done roasting we were done cooking the chicken. I didn’t feel like waiting for it to cool and scoop it, so we ate it as-is. This recipe was fun because we got to make our own glaze. Yum!

Cod Chicken

Cod and Chicken dishes!


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