Photo: 1) Knocking on the crack of the Lego Liberty Bell in Philly 2) Pretty swan towels in our hotel room 3) Upgrade all-inclusive bracelet 4) Trolley of excitement at the Punta Cana airport 5) Birthday room banner!

I just got back from the best vacation I’ve ever been on. We stayed at the all-inclusive Majestic Resorts and we opted to upgrade our room into the club section. The upgrade got us a room next to the beach, access to 2 club bars, 2 club pools, and 2 club lounges. The lounges included food and drinks. We also got a “butler”, which was really more of a personal concierge. It was cool to have our own concierge, he really hooked me up for my birthday. Technically my birthday isn’t until this weekend [yikes], but our trip came close enough. Surprisingly, the WiFi at the resort was really good. I had access at most places. Which was excellent, as I can’t live without Instagram [yeah, I have serious problems].

I was really worried about the weather because Weather.com made it seem like it was going to rain the entire time. Thankfully Google weather really picked up the slack and their forecast was way more accurate. It was hot, humid, and sunny during the day. In the evening, we witnessed an occasional rain storm. The rain didn’t really interfere with us except it caught us one night on our way to the club. The trouble with the resort is it has an open-air concept. Most walkways and bars are covered, but you might have to walk out in the open to get to some areas. We arrived there in the early afternoon and our room was ready. We grabbed our luggage and threw on bathing suits, and headed to the beach and one of the pools.

Fotor083114 2

1) Beach seats and umbrellas 2) Caribbean Sea selfie 3)Palm tree! 4) One of the pools 5) Cabana time!

Lucky for you, I was able to narrow down the 400 pictures I took into several photo collages. I feel like 400 pictures isn’t even THAT bad considering we were there for almost a week. There were loads of drinks to choose from, but only one type of beer. Thankfully, Andy and I had Presidente before and really like it. They also stocked our mini fridge with beer, water, and soda. Plus they included several different liquor bottles. All of this is part of the all-inclusive deal, so we didn’t pay extra for drinking anything from the room. You can also order room service for free as well. CRAZINESS! Also, also, THERE WAS A PILLOW MENU! Yuppo, you can order differnt types of pillows for your bed! We only left the resort once, there is a lot to do there. Each night there is usually a show or activity. There are also live bands, a casino, sports bar, and a night club. We went to the night club a couple of times and it was pretty fun!

Fotor083114 3

1) First night outfit 2) One of the MANY fountains 3) Yummy mango drink 4) MJ impersonator show 5) Sports bar statue

Thankfully the buffet is 24 hours, so you can get food anytime you want. But I think you should follow the designated meal times to get what you need. We usually made it to breakfast before 10AM. I never had trouble getting a seat by the pool, but the Club section of the beach can fill up. Andy and I made friends with a Cocteau our first morning by the pool. Speaking of the pools, the main one is HUGE! It’s like a river that leads towards the beach. We were very impressed! When we got back after spending time by the pool and beach, we had a heart-towel covered with Hibiscus in our room.


1) Another sea selfie 2) Cocteau shot 3) Me and the Cocteau 4) The Pool 5) Towel heart

I pretty much needed a quick nap each afternoon. But after, we would go back to the beach or get ready for dinner.  A few of the restaurants require reservations that you must make morning of. We never had trouble getting a reservation, or a table at a restaurant that didn’t require one. I think we went during a quieter time of year. There are like 7 or so restaurants to choose from, or you can go to the buffet. Some restaurants aren’t open for breakfast or lunch. 

Fotor090114 2

I was so happy my R2D2 bathing suit arrived a day before we left! I got some great sunset pics, but got bit by sand fleas to get them. Boo!

Fotor090114 3

My favorite drink of the trip was called the Tucan. I just wanted to drink a rainbow!

The following day, was pretty much the same. We spent most of the day split between the pool and beach. The private pool has cabanas, which are great. It’s also nice that we didn’t have to pay extra to use them! Later that day, we took advantage of the room service for late-lunch. We opted to try the seafood restaurant for dinner where I got a delicious plate of seafood pasta, and some red snapper. So yummy! There was also a circus show that evening in the theater. 


Fotor090214 2

Fotor090214 3

I’ll post part II tomorrow!



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