Blah blah, more pool and beach time the next day. But that night, we made reservations to the hibachi restaurant. The food was excellent, but I shouldn’t have eaten the sushi. The Dominican Republic has a similar water situation to Mexico, where you aren’t supposed to drink or brush your teeth with the water. Up until that night, I hadn’t gotten sick yet. But I think the sushi did me in. I had trouble sleeping, and we had a morning snorkeling trip the next day. Yikes! My stomach held up fine during the 70’s and 80’s party, at least.

Fotor090314 3Fotor090314 4

We were smart enough to pack some Imodium. So after having only bread for breakfast, I marched my ill-stomach to the one excursion we booked. I was happy that I didn’t crap my pants due to food poisoning and terror. We went on a snorkeling adventure/booze cruise on boat that has a glass bottom for fish-viewing. The snorkeling place is set in the middle of the ocean in a sectioned off area that contains nurse sharks, sting rays, coral reef, and lots of fish. I was scared at first because I didn’t think the water was going to be as deep as it was. I mean, you wear floaty belts, But I hate not being able to touch the ground.

So I almost had a panic-attack after jumping off the boat. I managed to get it together and enjoyed snorkeling with all the tropical sea critters. It was a seriously amazing experience and I’m glad I did it. I had a blast!  But I was tempted to swim back to the boat after the first five minutes. Andy and I got to hold a de-barbed sting ray. That was freaking amazing!

Fotor090314 2

By the time we got back to the boat, my legs were like jelly! But the second leg of the trip would be much easier. They took us to a sand bar where they served us loads of booze on a floating bar. Really lives up the name “Sand-Bar”…get it?! 😉 I used the vivid setting on my camera, and the picture Andy took from the boat makes me look like I’m swimming in Mountain Dew. haha! 




There was a foam party by the pool one afternoon!

One night, our “butler” really went all out for my almost-birthday. We had a great dinner at the Dominican/Mexican restaurant and went to the Sports Bar after. When we returned,  there were rose petals on the floor and a bubble bath drawn with balloons! There was also cake and chilled champagne, I was surprised and speechless! We will definitely return to the Dominican again.
Fotor090414 2


Although we had a smooth flight to the Dominican, that luck didn’t extend on our way back. We managed to get back to Philly on time, but then things got weird. First of all, we had to grab our own bags from the carousel and drop them at the airline desk. I thought this was odd since I’m used to bags following you to your connecting flight. I guess not in Philly! We also had to go back through security AGAIN, because going through security in the Punta Cana airport wasn’t enough.

By the time we got to our gate there wasn’t much time to sit before boarding our flight. I was very hangry at this point, yes, I’m using the word hangry! For whatever reason the airline didn’t offer snack service during the 3 1/2 hour flight to Philly so I was really looking forward to getting a burger while waiting for our connecting flight. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten Wendy’s so fast in my life! We managed to make our flight and I felt better after eating. But then (of course) there was a mechanical issue with the plane and they had to fix it. That took about an hour, but then we were good to go. Next time we go back, I’m definitely taking a direct flight home. =P


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