I’m not really an Apple person. I had a iPhone once as my primary phone and it was just okay, nothing spectacular. I do love their iPods though! Too bad they can’t resurrect Steve Jobs from the dead because when I saw the list of “features” on the new iPhone 6 models, I was very underwhelmed. Not that the last few models really had much “wow” factor anyway.

But it looks like they ripped off the body-style of the HTC One and Galaxy, added some weird “payment” system that any app can do and called it a day. I do recall them saying a while back that would never make the screens bigger because your eye can only detect a certain amount of pixels clearly. Well, guess we can say for sure that was a crock-o-shiz. I dunno, the rest of the “features” just seem like things you can download an app for on any other phone and have the same functionality, or a rip-off of something on an existing Android phone.

For instance, my Galaxy S4 already has a barometer built in. Also, Samsung released watches a while back. Sadly, the older Samsung watches seem to have more functionality than the new Apple Watch. That makes no sense! As for WiFi calling, there are loads of apps that will do that for you already. I used Viber while I was in Punta Cana to call my family and that worked great. Yet they are marketing it like it’s some new technology. Not every phone company is perfect. For example, I held off upgrading my Galaxy S4 to the S5 because Samsung only added a handful of new features to the S5. It should have really been considered the S4 2.0. But I digress.

I’m not knocking people that like the iPhone, I just think Apple is wayyyy behind the times. Yet, people still want their outdated devices. To each his own, I suppose. I’m just saying there are definitely much better choices out there, and don’t expect to see me in line for the new iPhone. 

PS. What is the deal with still clutching onto this 8MP camera crap?! My phone is over a year old and has a 13MP camera. Get with it, Apple!


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