hysterical-blindnessMy BFF and I have an odd obsession with a movie called Hysterical Blindness, which came out in 2002 or so. We both saw it on our own and somehow it came up in conversation a few years ago. We were both like, “wait, you’ve actually watched that movie too?!” I’m pretty sure not many people have, since it was a made for HBO flick. This movie is actually kind of sad, but we watch it together once in a while and laugh at the accents. It stars Uma Thurman (Deb) and Juliette Lewis (Beth), two girls from Jersey looking for love at a local dive bar each weekend. It’s called hysterical blindness because it’s opens with Deb suddenly going temporarily blind from stress at work. She does recover her vision within a few hours at the hospital.

Beth lives on her own with an 11 year-old daughter named’ Amberrrrr Awwwtumn’. Man, I wish I had a sound clip of her calling for her daughter. Deb lives with her mother in a house in suburbia. Deb becomes really desperate to find a boyfriend so she has Beth tag along during her weekend bar hop to this divey place. She has a special parking spot for her 84′ Camaro right next to some train tracks and always carries a huge bottle of Aquanet in her bag. I guess Deb becomes obsessed with this asshole guy  who has “Patrick Swayze eyes, ya know?!” that doesn’t treat her right. Deb learns her lesson after the guy stands her up for dinner, and she freaks out on him in the middle of the bar. But when tragedy or difficulties strike Beth, Deb, and Deb’s mother in movie, they find solace within each other. 

Anyway, Erin and I quote this movie all the time with lines like “OH MY GOD, DEB!” “They could tell it was really serious!” “You’ve got Patrick Swayze eyes, ya know?” “I’ll order something sweet, like a Sex on the Beach”. We decided to sorta dress like Beth and Deb for my 80’s themed birthday party this weekend. Erin is going to be Deb and carry around the Aquanet, then smash it on the sidewalk when she gets mad at me (Beth). I’m sure Andy is going to be really happy to hear our Jersey accents and the smell of smashed Aquanet permeating through the streets. Unfortunately, we will not be casting a role for the Camaro. Parking is a bitch in my area anyway. Plus your car will get crushed by a train or college student if you park next to the tracks.


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