13 Going On 30 is one of my favorite movies!

Today is my 30th birthday. YIKES! I’m never one to freak out or lie about my age, then again didn’t feel hiding the fact I was in my 20’s. Do people seriously do that?! Anyway, 30 kinda freaks me out a little. I think it’s because it’s a whole new decade and there are invisible expectations that must be lived up too. I was never one to follow expectations for age, always more of a “in due time” this that or the other thing will happen. Part of me is really nostalgic for the old times. Like having sleep overs in middle school, graduating high school, and being in college.Now all of a sudden I feel like I need to buy a house, get married, and start popping out kids. UH…NO! 

That’s a really tall order to fill for a 30-year-old, and all these things are certainly not going to happen overnight. I think I need to let go of these invisible threads. Everyone is different and things happen at varying speeds. I need to treat 30 like version “29.2”. I also need to shake all the preconceived notions I had about turning 30. People change, times change, and your mind changes. To that I say, cheers to growing at your own speed and to hell with age-expectations!



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