[photo] 1) Smart watch 2) Pancakes 3) Say Anything 4) My rad outfit 5) Say Anything again

My 30th birthday party was a lot of fun. I will go out on a limb and say it’s the funnest birthday I’ve had, evidence is the fact I almost lost my voice. This phenomenon used to happen all the time during high school dances, so I assume my voice gets lost as the fun goes up. Anyway, I got a Samsung smart watch from Andy and he just “loves” the fact I keep calling his phone with it and asking him “hello, is it me you’re looking for?”. It’s really cool! I can make/answer calls, view/answer text messages and emails! I also programmed it to work with my TV. I feel like Penny from Inspector Gadget. This sorta makes up for never getting a computer book for my birthday as a kid. Though, I guess I could find a book cover case for my iPad and call it a computer book! pennyWe started the day by heading to vet to meet a kitty that is available for adoption. We brought Zorro and he was a complete jerk to the cats, so it looks like we will be a cat-free household. Oh well, I had a feeling he would be too hyper for a cat anyway. After we got back, we went to IHOP for birthday pancakes. I opted for strawberry/banana pancakes with a side of hash browns. We also sat next to the worlds most annoying couple. I assumed they were annoying because I was hungry, but once they left Andy immediately said as much. Glad it wasn’t just me! 


1) Selfie time in front of the plank walls 2) Attempting to pose 80’s style 3) I was pretending to be a ballerina (stole this from Ginny) 4) Erin saving me from pretending to be a ballerina (stolen from Ginny) 5) More cheesy 80’s poses

 I had to start getting ready for my party early to ensure we could get a decent spot at the bar where we could have our own section. The waitstaff at The Avenue was amazing and offered us their room downstairs that had a bunch of tables and a couple of dart boards. It was perfect! Since Erin and I got there early, we got our photo-ops in. She managed to get a giant can of Aqua Net and we spritzed our hair to hold up for the night. Erin attempted to feather her hair but it wouldn’t stay. I braided mine and the crimp didn’t hold as much as I would have liked, but I’m sure the Aqua Net helped hold it. I also brought a pack of 100 glow stick bracelets as party favors. The waitstaff also wanted in on the glow stick action, so we happily obliged.


1) I feel so neon! 2) Erin and I decked out in glow gear 3) Aqua Net selfie! 4) Fi came as a rapper, it was amazing! 5) Jamie rocked an Aerosmith tee and crimped hair

Unfortunately, college foozball is thing north of the Mason-Dixon too, so they had to broadcast the stupid BC game on the speakers and TV’s. We didn’t have much time for 80’s music during the game. Thankfully once it ended, we were able to continue hi-jacking the juke box to play strictly 80’s music.  The bar should really consider having an 80’s night each week, a lot of people upstairs loved the music selection. I think we did a great job with hi-jacking, only a couple of non-80’s songs got played. Sorry folks that don’t like 80’s music, go watch your college foozball elsewhere! We (of course) danced our faces off in front of the dart boards…don’t worry no games were happening at the time!


I think LA should be voted “best hair”, it was awesome!!!

The night wouldn’t be complete without Ginny and I doing our signature dance to Come on Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners. The dance basically involves a lot of synchronized leaping from side to side for 4 minutes. I have no idea how we managed to do this easily when we were 15…which was 15 years ago. [[cries]] I think Ginny and I should open a gym called Dexy’s Midnight Jumpers and just dance to Come on Eileen. Our members would have no problem staying in shape, I mean that’s how we stayed in shape in high school. We didn’t need to track team for that shiz!


I almost forgot to mention I had cake with my family today and my mom got me a pretty orchid and there were balloons! My dog (of course) keeps trying to yank the ribbons so he can play with them. I told him “NO!” as I don’t want him pooping mylar later.


I got new sunglasses and an orchid



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  1. That is how you celebrate your 30th bday!!!

  2. sarcasticallybitter

    This looks like it was SO much fun! I love 80’s music. What a great idea! Happy Belated 30th!!

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