I got my first HelloFresh order this week! If you’re interested in checking them out, use my referral code at the bottom of this post to save $20 off your first order. We decided to try the Swordfish recipe last night and it was yummy! If it looks good to you too, you can download the recipe from the HelloFresh site here.

So far, I’m liking the HelloFresh dinner kits the most. They run about $10 more than Blue Apron and Plated. Ingredients are separated into labeled bags when you receive your insulated package. I recall Plated does the same thing. I’m not crazy about UPS delivery though, I didn’t get my package until towards the end of the day, which is annoying.

The recipes are less complicated and don’t involve as much prep time. THANK THE LAWD! We were getting annoyed with the amount of chopping some of the other recipes require.  We managed about 15-20 minutes of prep and 15 minutes of actual cooking. Andy handled chopping the veggies and I prepped and cooked the swordfish. I also cooked the beans and potatoes. Clean up was not fun though (it never is). I feel like I spend more time cleaning up after than cooking and meal prep combined. Can I hire a post-dinner clean up service? That needs to be a thing. 


I purchased the HelloFresh dinner kit on my own. All opinions are my own. To help me get referral points, please use my code! Save 20$ on your first order with my code QFJ5CE at


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