[Photo] BDB Best Sellers Kit. The last pic makes me look cross-eyed, I’m bad at taking eye makeup selfies!

I was selected by BrandBacker and BillionDollarBrows to review the BDB Best Sellers Kit.  I’ve always plucked my own brows after having caterpillar brows all through middle school. Mine tend to be a little over-plucked, so I’m all for brow pencils and gels to fatten them up a little bit (but not too much!). I prefer to fill them in a little, as I don’t look good with bigger brows. Maybe I just can’t get over the stigma of looking like my middle school self? That could be it!  Anyway,  I’ve been using this kit and love the results. It  will be available at Kohl’s stores in October 2014. 

The BDB Best Sellers pack includes a universal brow pencil, clear brow gel, duo highlighter and concealer stick, and a smudge brush. I think this is a great value at only $34.99, especially when you consider how much brow pencils and gels go for alone at specialty retailers. The Univeral Brow Pencil is really cool because one pencil can be used on all brow colors, it all depends how many strokes you make to vary color and intensity. It’s also mechanical, self-sharpening, and goes on smooth. Oh yes, it also has a brush on the end so you can tame your brows. Talk about multi-tasking!

BDB Clear Brow Gel helps to lock your brows in place with their long-lasting formula. I think the Brow Duo Highlighter and Concealer is my favorite part though! You can use the highlighter along your brow bone (heck, I’ve been using it under my eyes as well), then switch to the concealer end to hide any blemishes. Lastly, you can make your brows look more natural by using the smudge brush after you apply the pencil. It’s so nice to have all these nifty items in one package. Interested in getting your own kit? Check out the links below.

Links and availability:

MSRP: $34.99 ($68.00 Value)
Retailer: Kohl’s
Availability as of October 2014

This post is powered by BrandBacker. I received these samples for no charge for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.


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